Biarritz, France 2

The second day started off better! We had a bump or two-maybe literally a bump or two if you ask Z- and then hit the road. We found a delicious breakfast spot on the way to the Chocolate Museum, which turned out to be kinda a dud. But hey! We got hot chocolate in the end, so that counts for something, right?!?

Afterwards, we went to Bleue de Toi, a small creperie place where the service was outstanding. Our waiter was so sweet to Sawyer and helped us pick out some of the restaurant's most popular crepes. He also saw my iphone out and suggested he take a family picture of us. It was really sweet and brightened our moods.

It didn't help that the crepes were also delicious! Z got one with goat cheese, walnuts and lettuce that had honey and tangy dressing to top. I'm trying to remember and write down all the food we've had on these trips so I can try to recreate at home. Hopefully mine will be half as good!

After that, we had another little mishap. We went to the bus station to get our tickets for Sunday and found out that buses don't run on Sunday, so we either had to leave at 6:30 that night-this was 5:30 when we found this out-or see if the trains were running. Since we didn't think we would make the 6:30 in time, we tried finding the train station or ticketing store, but the directions on Google maps were wrong and the little French we did know wasn't helping. We were running around in 95 degrees and it wasn't a pretty picture. Just when we thought we would have to do a mad dash home to pack our bags and HOPEFULLY make the bus, we stumbled onto the train ticket counter. We got tickets for the next day and felt like we needed a HUGE cocktail at that point.

Instead, since we felt awful for running Sawyer around in the heat, we headed to the beach to give him a dip. He was so excited and happy for that little swim and we felt like the world was beginning to right itself again.

That night, we went to dinner at BB Wok. The reviews and ratings online about this place did not disappoint. The portions were generous, the cocktails were incredibly fresh, and the food was amazing. Z and I both said that was the best dinner we've had this whole trip and how much-needed this was after a stressful day. 
Sad before cocktail/happy after
crispy chicken wraps/tuna tartar and avocado/green curry with shrimp
The next day, we were up and at 'em! But not before we got a croissants for the road! See ya later, France! Hopefully next time won't be so bad, eh?


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