Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Our Little Mover Rhett

It's been a while since I blogged and I wish it was for a good reason, but really its because life has been busy and gotten in the way. Whenever I have a free moment, I just collapse on my bed and catch up on TV shows, books, or texts.

That being said this month has been a big one for Rhett and I don't want to forget it. He has popped 3 teeth-which has made sleeping nonexistent some nights-- and I'm pretty sure that he has 2 more that will come through any day now.

Another thing about Rhett is his personality is completely different from that of his brother's. He is very social and if he isn't around people-or if we leave the room for a second-he lets out a blood curdling scream until we scoop him back up. It's very dramatic and Z and I joke about it all the time. He might be little, but he will let his voice be known.

Also, long gone are the days of sitting still. Rhett is crawling and also loves to stand. He's now all over the place. In a split second, he'll be in the kitchen one minute and then near the laundry in another.  He'll also let you know when he's done with his surroundings and wants to be moved. He gets bored within 5 minutes and then let's you know that he wants another toy, adventure, or scene. You definitely have to keep an eye on his little guy and I already know he will be the child that will constantly be keeping me on my toes.

Since Rhett is so active and on the go, I'm so glad we found and love Huggies Little Movers. What I love about them is how durable they are. They have a 12 hour leak protection, which I love because the other brand we were using there would be accidents every so often. Not with Huggies though, so we were sold.

Rhett, thank you for your fun personality, your happiness, and smiles. You make life an adventure, my friend and have really taught me that every child is different. You think you got it figured out one moment and then there's something else to conquer in the next. Thanks for giving me grace, little boy and I'm excited to see where the next 8 months take us.

By the way, If you want a chance of having your little mover featured on the Huggies website, tweet or Instagram a pic of them and use the hashtag #SetBabyFree! Huggies will be selecting photos to feature and show everyone what awesome little movers we have. 

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Taking Stock 2015

Making: Time for margins. I haven't had a lot of playdates this Fall because I've been trying to enjoy this time with the boys and invest in things that I've been putting off like cooking more, coming up with lessons for Sawyer, and doing crafts around the house. 

Cooking: A lot of chili and vegetarian meals. I've loved this chili recently and these tacos. 

Drinking: Anything warm and a lot of green juice as well.

Reading: About to read The Royal We

Wanting: The season to stay. The fall leaves around Falls Church this year are breathtaking.

Looking: Forward to our annual Thanksgiving Day race. 

Playing: Superman with Sawyer and having my morning quiet time with Rhett. 

Wasting: Time playing Sudoku

Wishing: For one more date nights

Enjoying: Life in this moment and trying not to wish time away. 

Liking: Our slow pace. 

Wondering: How we are going to fit in everything DC has to offer during the holiday season. 

Loving: This book and how its changed my life. I was able to donate half of my wardrobe through this technique and I love the idea of living more simply. 

Hoping: For a warm winter or that it goes by fast. I hate the cold. Oh, and that we aren't constantly sick. 

Wearing: These loafers. 

Following: Sawyer around on adventures. 

Noticing: How Rhett is about to crawl any day now and how fast these last 7 months have gone by. 

Knowing: That life next year will be very different, so enjoying our time now is really important to me. 

Marveling: At how having a good friend over can really give you a better perspective. 

Thinking: About hosting book club on next month and also making reservations for Christmas Tea at the Willard. 

Feeling: Tired and achy. Still getting over this cold from last weekend. 

Bookmarking: Winter coats. I really need a new winter coat for next year and they are all on sale now. I'm thinking about getting this one

Opening: a magazine or good book. 

Giggling: Over the funny things that Sawyer is saying these days. 

Feeling: Thankful. 

Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween 2015

Halloween was a really big deal for us this year! Sawyer had been planing this costume for weeks and had told each of us what we would be as well. I was to be a cat, Rhett a bunny, and Papa a carrot. He was very serious about it too. I took off my paws for 1 minute to type and immediately Sawyer said, "Um, Mama! Put your paws back on!" It was so fun to see him get in the holiday spirit and it made running around doing activities all weekend--and getting massive sugar highs--totally worth it.

Friday, Z's company had their annual Halloween party full of face painting, trick-or-treating, and balloon animal making. It was a lot of fun and Sawyer had a blast. He loved getting his face painted like a puppy and running around with this gigantic balloon pumpkin.

Saturday, we woke up and Z took the kiddos to a costume party, while I went to my book club's brunch. For book club, we read A Constellation of Vital Phenomena and all agreed it was less than stellar. Oh well! Hopefully next month's book, The Royal We, will be better.

After naps and grilled cheeses on Saturday, we headed to a friend's house for chili and trick-or-treating. Right when we got to the party, Sawyer started complaining of his throat hurting and Rhett was acting up, so we left early to start trick-or-treating on our own. We did about 10 houses before I called it off. It was getting cold and if Sawyer was getting sick I didn't want to risk him getting worst.

He was still up for trick-or-treating though when we got home, so we went to a few houses in our building. It made me really thankful for apartment living. It was warm inside and made the whole experience really easy. Plus, I loved knocking on doors, giggling about how scary some of the houses were, and watching him pick out the candy. (Lollipops were a true favorite this year.) It was one of my favorite memories and him at this age is just too cute. I love how excited he gets about all the holidays now. I just want to soak up every minute and make him stay this little forever.

After that sweet little memory, we all took a downturn. That night all sickness broke loose. Both boys--and myself--were up all night with sore throats, runny noses, and all around goop. Needless to say, we all stayed in on Sunday watching Disney movies, drinking a lot of OJ, and fruits and veggies.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Favorite Sawyerisms

The stuff that comes out of Sawyer's mouth nowadays is so fun. Sawyer, you constantly surprise me with your wit and you also teach me so much more. Its so fun to get to know you and spend our time together. Here are a few things that you've said recently that I've loved and wanted to remember:

After talking to you about the severe flooding in Columbia, South Carolina and how we needed to pray for the families that lost their homes,  Sawyer said, "Okay, well, let's go to church, pray to Jesus, and figure it out!" (If only life was that simple. Or is it?)

I asked Sawyer a question about dinner and instead of answering that particular question, he said, "Well, I love you! That's a good answer, right?"

"Oh, Mama! There's a park! How about we go to story time then come back to it. That's a good idea." (You always have the best ideas.)

Sawyer, you are just over 3 years old and I couldn't be more proud of the little boy that you're becoming. You are so smart, so kind, and so considerate. There are days and moments when we fight--like I think it's a good idea for you to eat dinner and you would rather play with cars--but even during those hard days and tough moments there is no place or person I'd rather be with.You make me laugh, you make your brother's eyes twinkle, and you make your so Papa proud. We love you, Sawyer-man and thank God for you everyday. There's no one I love more than you and your brother.

Love you always. And always.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Sawyer's 3rd Birthday!

A few weekends ago, we celebrated Sawyer's birthday at home. I was planning on having it at a nearby park, but the rain washed away those plans, so we had a cozy little party at our apartment instead.

The morning of we surprised Sawyer with balloons outside his door and made his favorite pancakes--coconut. I loved his face and how excited he was. After breakfast, Sawyer went on a walk with Z and I got to cleaning up for his party.

The overall theme--aside from Superman--was that it was to be low-key and simple. For snacks, we had juice boxes, clementines, goldfish and raisins. The cake was from the bakery downstairs and had a Superman logo on front and a hit. It was chocolate--Sawyer's request--with orange blossom icing. It was delicious and easy.

For crafts, I went to Michaels and bought two $1 foam ghosts and pumpkins for the kids to decorate with either crayons, stickers, or markers. I also had a coloring sheet that said, "Happy Birthday, Sawyer!" that they could decorate as well.

In terms of decorations, I had balloons around the apartment for the kids to play with and had a few flying high near the food as well. I then made a giant 3 out of red construction paper and hung that on the door.

I got a bright blue tablecloth and red napkins, forks, and plates at Party City to go along with the Superman theme. Then, we sent everyone home with a play-dough favor.

The next day, we kept the party going by taking Sawyer to his first movie! We bought popcorn, he gave his ticket to the ticket guy, and off we went. He had a blast and it was so fun to see his face light up and of course, the movie commentary from a 2-year old is always classic. ;)

And that's a wrap on Sawyer's 3rd birthday! I'm still not quite sure where the last 3 years went, but Sawyer has definitely become quite the little boy. He's kind, considerate, and thoughtful and I'm so excited to see what the next year has in store for him. Hopefully, its more singing, dancing, and funny Sawyerisms.  Love you, little buddy and happy 3rd birthday!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Links and Products I'm Loving.

Before I write this post and share with you some things/links that have been filling me up, I just have to stop and wonder how this little boy pictured above is turning 3 (?!?!) next week.  Sweet babe is well on his way to becoming a boy and leaving his baby days behind. Please tell me where time rushing off to and how I can stop it?! 

Okay, onto to why I wanted to write this post to begin with. Usually, I don't have strong feelings about products, books or recipes, but recently, I've just found a few really good products and articles that I want to share with you all. So, here we go..

My Adventure Journal. I know I'm late to the party on this, but my favorite thing to do with Sawyer this year is the Archer Adventure Journal. The journal is used to "fill the little hearts in your home with an excitement to start journalling their own stories, ponder what is going on in their lives, and get in God’s Word to find direction & comfort." Every week there is a Bible verse that you go over with your little guy/girl and then you write--interview style--about what was good about their day, what was hard, what they want to pray for, etc. We do this every night at dinner or before bed and it starts really good conversations with us and Sawyer. 

I also love that each book has the year on the spine so I can pull them out easily on the shelf and go back over what we were doing/thinking/praying for during that time. I highly highly suggest getting this book. 

This Is What I Do. My favorite book this year. Hands down. Really interesting and thought-provoking. Plus, the pictures throughout are amazing and really bring the story to life. 

This Lavender All Natural Baby Wash and Shampoo, which is free of sulfates, parabens, and phosphates and helps calm down the boys after a long day. 

And onto a silly thing that I'm loving and recommend is this mascara. I've never found a great mascara, so I feel like this is worth mentioning. ha! 

Finally, Z and I rented Philomena last weekend and wow, it's pretty spectacular. I know it came out a couple years ago, but if you haven't seen it, then its definitely one to check out.  

"Wouldn't it be refreshing if we talked more openly about how much effort we exert to hold it all together?"--This quote from this article. A thousand times yes!

Loved this blurb from the blog post, Is It Out of Style to be Happy? She says, "The world tells us that it’s just not enough. I’ve been having a hard time seeing it for what it is. While I’ve been thinking it’s a lack of motivation, I think it might actually be called happiness. Only sometimes, that ugly monster called comparison pops his head up and asks if I am really happy being at home, cleaning up messes, making lunches and settling arguments instead of flying off somewhere fun or pursuing something grand. It’s really the idea of the dream that seems appealing. But, the reality of it. . . not so much."

And there are some things that have been filling me up lately! Share any that have been inspiring you and have a great rest of the week! xo

Monday, September 28, 2015

September 2015

In September, we...

Went to Homestead Farms! Ever since I went to a parenting seminar that talked about the importance of weekly and yearly traditions, I've really tried to incorporate them into our daily routine and yearly celebrations. 

One yearly tradition we have is going to Homestead Farms to pick apples and jump in the hay. We started going back in 2013-a month after we first moved here-and have kept up with it ever since. I remember the first time we went, Sawyer had just started walking and we couldn't really do a lot, but sit him in the pumpkin patch and take his picture. Now, he's picking apples, jumping in the hay, and helping us with the wheel barrel. My how things have changed. 

Taste of Falls Church! Falls Church has a small food festival and we made sure to hit that up this year. We tried a lot of yummy foods and then went to the free kids tent where we all made door signs.

Celebrated 4 years! Wow, has time flown! On the 17th, Z and I celebrated 4 years of wedded bliss. We kept it really low-key this year and just went to a place called, SpaceBar. They serve over 15 different types of grilled cheeses and craft beers. Afterwards, we walked it off with a long walk around our neighborhood.

Had Rhett's 6-month appointment. I can't believe it's been half a year already.

Sawyer started school! He started preschool and loves it. Being in early childhood education, I know the importance of a good preschool/early education program and I love that we found one here in the area that both Sawyer and I enjoy. He had his first day a couple weeks ago and loved it. His favorite thing right now is the painting craft times. He's my little artist for sure.

Started ballet lessons! I wanted something fun and creative to do and Z encouraged me to get back into dance. I've only had one lesson so far, but I'm really enjoyed it. It's been a good break from reality and an awesome stress reliever.

It's been a busy September, but such a fun one and I'm really going to miss it. But excited for October though because Sawyer's birthday (3?!?!) is next week and then its Halloween. Sawyer's already demanded that we all be bunnies, but Papa. He'll be a carrot. Ha!

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